Gaines County 4H

March 2009 4-H Newsletter

Deadline to order State Fair tags and Steer tags, District 2 Roundup, etc.

Gaines County 4-H Newsletter
Upcoming Camps, Steer Tag Order Deadline, State Fair Tag Order Deadline, D2 Roundup, Leader Lab

September 2007

Swine tag orders, calf scrambles, upcoming events, etc.

May 2007

Information on upcoming camps, County Horse Show, etc.

March 2007 4-H Newsletter
2007 Howard County Lamb & Goat Camp, 2007 State Fair of Texas Lamb, Goat & Swine tags, District Roundup, and upcoming events

January 2007
2007 4-H Opportunity Scholarship information, 2007 Howard Co. Lamb & Goat Camp, 2007 Gaines County Jr. Livestock Show 4-H results, upcoming events, etc.

January 2006 Newsletter

Scholarship Information

March 2006

Information on upcoming camps, events, etc.

March 2006 Newsletter
Info on camps, etc.

September 2006 Newsletter

Upcoming events, fairs, 4-H meetings, etc.

November 05 Newsletter

Major Stock Show Entries, Swine Validation, Christmas Parade, Awards Banquet

August 2005
Fair dates, 4-H Family Night, Tag Orders, etc.

June 2005 Newsletter

June 2005 4-H Newsletter

April 2005 Newsletter

Newsletter including information on upcoming camps, etc.


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